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Beaverton Schools


In order to achieve a healthy and safe school environment for all children, we need your assistance in several areas:

If your child is seriously injured or becomes ill, every effort will be made to contact you. Please keep your emergency information up to date, by contacting the school office, with current phone numbers of other responsible adults to call in case you are not available.

A sick child needs to be at home to protect that child and prevent exposure to other students.  A child who does not feel well may have a difficult time concentrating and will not benefit from the instruction received during that time.

Health Problems:
If your child has a health problem or condition that needs to have special consideration, please contact the school prior to the first day of attendance if possible. 

Medications Required at School:
If your child needs medication during school hours, please bring that medication in the original container and check it in with the school secretary. For safety reasons, it is critical that you transport the medication and complete the necessary forms at the school. Prescription and non-prescription medication must be in the original container. When requested, pharmacists are usually willing to provide two labeled containers, one each for home and school. Listed below is additional medication information.

Administration of non-prescription medication by school personnel requires written instructions from the student's parent. Physician orders are no longer necessary, with the exception of dosage requirements that contradict the safe dosage on the bottle/container.

Self-medication of a non-prescription medicine is not allowed in elementary or middle school. This includes only non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications. The definition of non-prescription medication is: commercially prepared, non alcohol-based medication to be taken at school that is necessary for a student to remain in school. Do not hesitate to call if you have concerns related to the health of your child.


Contact the Nurse